Moschino TOY BOY EDP 默斯奇諾熊男孩香水 30ml

Moschino TOY BOY EDP 默斯奇諾熊男孩香水 30ml
Moschino TOY BOY EDP 默斯奇諾熊男孩香水 30ml

Moschino TOY BOY EDP 默斯奇諾熊男孩香水 30ml

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延續「TOY」系列的玩味概念,MOSCHINO為標誌性玩具熊香水換上型格酷黑造型,全新推出男士香氛 TOY BOY,重新演釋帶有諷刺意味的高貴感,為獨特、充滿活力及熱情的男士發聲,無懼於展現其温柔與調皮兼備的一面。充滿活力及力量感的MOSCHINO男士,強悍的個性會被温柔的擁抱瞬間溶化。香氛前調散發充滿活力的意大利佛手柑,中調糅合了充滿辛辣味的丁香,加強男士氣息,最後以帶有淡淡煙燻味的海地香根草作結,加強層次感。

TOY BOY採用令人驚嘆的光滑黑漆玻璃瓶身設計,帶出奢華感覺。酷黑的玻璃瓶身以光滑亮麗的效果處理,配上精緻銀色細節,更顯奢華觸感。迷人的瓶身設計,喚醒男士温柔與調皮的一面。瓶子塑造成可愛的玩具熊模樣,瓶子的蓋是標誌性的小熊頭,摩登之餘亦顯高貴,外盒設計亦貫徹香氛瓶珍貴的概念。

Continuing the playful concept of the "TOY" series, MOSCHINO replaced the iconic teddy bear perfume with a cool black look, and launched a new men's fragrance TOY BOY, reinterpreting the ironic nobleness, which is unique, full of vitality and enthusiasm The man who speaks is not afraid to show his gentle and mischievous side. Moschino man full of vitality and strength, his strong personality will be instantly melted by a gentle embrace. The top note of the fragrance exudes vibrant Italian bergamot. The middle note is blended with spicy cloves to enhance the masculine scent. The final note is finished with a light smoky Haitian vetiver to enhance the sense of layering.

TOY BOY adopts an amazing smooth black lacquered glass bottle design, which brings out a luxurious feeling. The cool black glass bottle body is treated with a smooth and bright effect, with exquisite silver details, giving it a luxurious touch. The charming bottle design awakens the gentle and mischievous side of men. The bottle is shaped like a cute teddy bear. The lid of the bottle is the iconic bear head. It is modern and noble. The outer box design also implements the concept of precious fragrance bottles.

產品尺寸: 70mm x 50mm x 130mm


推出年份: 2019

原產地: 意大利

前調: 意大利佛手柑、粉紅莓、印尼肉豆蔻、 欖香脂寶石、綠梨樹


基調: 海地香根草、琥珀、麝香


每張訂單在使用推廣代碼前,購物金額滿港幣$500 或以上,即可享免費送貨服務 (只限單一送貨地點)。如購物金額未滿港幣 $500,附加每件 $40元運費, 部份離島及限制禁區需再安排報運費。

(產品在 3-5 個工作天內寄出)

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