Lanvin Marry Me EDP 浪凡嫁給我吧女士香水

Lanvin Marry Me EDP 浪凡嫁給我吧女士香水

Lanvin Marry Me EDP 浪凡嫁給我吧女士香水

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中味則美香氣,纖細的鮮明氣息,正如心心相印的戀人,準備說出「Marry me」之前,是[花中之王」森巴茉莉萃取出的純淨茉莉精油,加上木蘭花、玫瑰花瓣組成的柔和甜令人屏息的心動感覺。
承接白色花香,畫下美麗句點的後味,則是琥珀、麝香,與雪松交織出的溫暖香氣,喚起戀人心中的悸動,真心的說出..Marry me!



透明的瓶身剔透閃耀,上面寫著簡單有力的“Marry Me!”字母,瓶頸紫色的緞帶蝴蝶結絕對讓很多女生愛不釋手。


The top note is a fresh and bright scent composed of Tunisian bitter orange, white peach, and freesia. Like an unforgettable moment of love in love, the world is also colorful and charming.

The middle flavour is beautiful and the scent is slender and bright, just like a lover who is close to each other, before he is ready to say "Marry me", it is composed of pure jasmine essential oil extracted from "The King of Flowers" Samba Jasmine, plus magnolia and rose petals A soft and sweet breathtaking feeling.

Taking on the white floral scent and drawing a beautiful ending aftertaste, the warm aroma of amber, musk, and cedar intertwined, evokes the throbbing in the lover's heart, and sincerely speaks...Marry me!


Necessary for marriage proposal! Lanvin marry me lady perfume!


She will definitely reproduce the sweet moment of marriage proposal, no matter if the moment is serious, nervous or relaxed...


The transparent bottle body is transparent and shining, with the simple and powerful letters "Marry Me!" written on it, and the purple ribbon bow on the bottleneck definitely makes many girls love it.

With her, there is her warmth and sweetness, which is the best blessing for brides-to-be or girls who yearn to step into the wedding hall.

It is also a good choice for boys to buy a marriage proposal or express their love. If you can’t say the phrase "marry me", let the perfume express it for you!



包裝規格: 30ml


原產地: 法國



每張訂單在使用推廣代碼前,購物金額滿港幣$500 或以上,即可享免費送貨服務 (只限單一送貨地點)。如購物金額未滿港幣 $500,附加每件 $40元運費, 部份離島及限制禁區需再安排報運費。

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