Ferragamo Incanto Charms EDT 菲拉格慕 夢中情人女士淡香水

Ferragamo Incanto Charms EDT 菲拉格慕 夢中情人女士淡香水
Ferragamo Incanto Charms EDT 菲拉格慕 夢中情人女士淡香水

Ferragamo Incanto Charms EDT 菲拉格慕 夢中情人女士淡香水

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一種跨越文化界限的交融,揉合了歐洲時尚與精緻的異國風情,傳遞出遙遠國度的魅惑與神奇的吸引魔力。Incanto Charms魅惑地挑動著感官,送你抵達逃離世俗的境地...一項強而有力的法寶...護送每一場所遭遇旅程的幸運護身符。 以甜心特有的魅力:好奇心、自主性與愛的特性,展開探險之旅。每一天對甜心而言都是一段不凡的旅程,她知道該如何善用每一天...她擁有魅惑的魔力將每段遭遇化為生命中難以忘懷的片刻。

由名設計師Sylvie De France親手打造的魔幻瓶身,有著千變萬化宛如萬花筒般的圖騰…令人回想起具有異國風情的濱水區域…紫紅色的橢圓瓶蓋完美搭配著時尚的瓶身造型,創造出觸動心弦的傑作。外盒包裝如同瓶身一般蠱惑著你,並擁有同樣柔和的藍綠色,不自覺憶起遙遠的國境…到一個豔陽下出走的國度。 一連串的珍奇的水果與妍美的花卉…帶著美味的芳香及魔幻的顏色…Incanto Charms..花果香調的幻想..豔陽的出走。由IFF名調香師Beatrice Plquet所精心配製而成。



Surrounding the water's edge, with adventurous magic and peculiar puppet ...

A blend that crosses cultural boundaries, blends European fashion with exquisite exoticism, and conveys the charm and magical charm of distant countries. Incanto Charms seduces the senses charmingly, sending you to a place of escape from the world ... a powerful magic weapon ... a lucky amulet that escorts the journey of each place. Start your adventure with sweetheart's unique charm: curiosity, autonomy and love. Every day is an extraordinary journey for Sweetheart, she knows how to make good use of every day ... she has the charm of charm to turn every encounter into an unforgettable moment in life.

The magic bottle body created by the famous designer Sylvie De France has a kaleidoscope of ever-changing totems ... reminiscent of the exotic waterfront area ... the purple-red oval bottle cap perfectly matches the stylish bottle shape, creating A masterpiece that touches the heart. The outer box packaging is as deceptive to you as the bottle body, and has the same soft blue-green color, unconsciously recalling the distant borders ... to a country that runs away in the sun. A series of rare fruits and beautiful flowers ... with delicious aromas and magical colors ... Incanto Charms .. Fantasy of flowers and fruit notes .. Out of the sun. Crafted by Beatrice Plquet, the IFF perfumer.

Close your eyes and feel this colorful and peculiar taste, the front taste blends passionate passion fruit and fresh honeysuckle. The ensuing middle taste is the light and ethereal jasmine petals, which gently indulge you in a deep magic journey, and then melt in the sexy and gentle hometown of Turkish roses. On the run under the sun, enjoy being awakened by the soft muslin of white musk, and then being embraced by the comfortable amixiang trees.


包裝規格: 100ml


原產地: 意大利


Fragrance: floral and fruity
First taste: passion fruit, honeysuckle
Middle Taste: Jasmine, Turkish Rose
After Taste: White Musk, Amixiang

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