Calvin Klein BEAUTY EDP 卡文克萊 絕色女士香水

Calvin Klein BEAUTY EDP 卡文克萊 絕色女士香水
Calvin Klein BEAUTY EDP 卡文克萊 絕色女士香水

Calvin Klein BEAUTY EDP 卡文克萊 絕色女士香水

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海芋的香氣是這支香水最主要的核心,由調香師透過茉莉花詮釋出更高雅的意境,因此也成為beauty香氛系列的靈魂中心。 不僅僅擁有深度的優雅與女人味,她同時釋放出明亮且溫暖厚實的氣息。如此特殊的茉莉香調再搭配上黃葵子,增添溫暖的香氛層次,並以有著雋永香氣的茉莉花加強優雅的花香,最後則以沉穩的杉木基調帶出香水整體的合諧感。

香水以剔透晶瑩、充滿高貴質感的玻璃瓶身展現出女性的曲線,瓶口帶金屬感的流線設計將女人無間斷的力量與自信展露無遺。瓶內透著美麗金黃色澤的香水,彷佛女人獨有的光芒和內在美。金屬銀色的瓶蓋,簡單生動、時尚而高雅,是 Calvin Klein品牌一貫的美感延續。

Achieved and close to reality; she is a symbol of success, so inspiring. Her life is fulfilling, and she is convinced that all the experiences in her life are the source of her wisdom. With femininity and a determined will, she creates a unique style full of attractive charm. Her beauty comes from her heart, and she does not ask for anything. Perfume awakens the beauty hidden in women's hearts with its charming fragrance, combining its femininity with elegance and exerting it to the extreme.

The aroma of Alocasia is the main core of this perfume. The perfumer interpreted a more elegant mood through jasmine, so it also became the soul center of the beauty fragrance series. Not only has deep elegance and femininity, she also releases a bright and warm and thick atmosphere at the same time. Such a special jasmine fragrance is paired with yellow sunflower seeds to add a warm fragrance layer. The jasmine flower with a timeless fragrance strengthens the elegant floral fragrance. Finally, the calm fir base tone brings out the overall harmony of the perfume.

The perfume reveals the feminine curve in a glass bottle body that is translucent and noble, and the streamlined design with a metallic feel on the bottle mouth reveals the woman's uninterrupted power and confidence. Inside the bottle is a beautiful golden yellow perfume, like a woman's unique light and inner beauty. The metallic silver bottle cap is simple, vivid, stylish and elegant, which is the continuation of the beauty of Calvin Klein brand.



包裝規格: 50ml


原產地: 法國



每張訂單在使用推廣代碼前,購物金額滿港幣$500 或以上,即可享免費送貨服務 (只限單一送貨地點)。如購物金額未滿港幣 $500,附加每件 $40元運費, 部份離島及限制禁區需再安排報運費。

(產品在 3-5 個工作天內寄出)

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