Calvin Klein 卡文克萊 OBSESSED FOR MAN EDT 迷戀男仕香水

Calvin Klein 卡文克萊 OBSESSED FOR MAN EDT 迷戀男仕香水

Calvin Klein 卡文克萊 OBSESSED FOR MAN EDT 迷戀男仕香水

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Calvin Klein向來一直尊崇多元文化及中性美學,其ck更是中性香水的佼佼者,在全新「Obsessed迷上了!男女對香」中,實踐品牌一貫的顛覆美學,打破傳統調香的規則,在「Obsessed迷上了!男性淡香水」中加入了向來幾乎僅在女香裏添加的黑色香草蘭花成分,使其與1986年的Obsession有了明顯共鳴,其後的琥珀及木質香調共創出與原本相似但又不一樣的摩登東方調。

瓶身仿效1985年推出的Obsession系列,圓潤的瓶身設計是由當年的瓶身設計師Pierre Dinand以印度祈禱石為靈感來源而設計,並在1987年榮獲香水FIFI獎的殊榮,新的瓶身稜角更為圓順,色調晶徹透明,極簡是希望能將香水的靈魂著重於香味本身,讓消費者沿著氣味的線索去尋找人生中那些曾經深深迷戀過的人事物。瓶身及包裝的極簡設計也深深反映出Raf Simons希望帶領大家回歸Calvin Klein的感官美學,簡單感受Calvin Klien香氛,回憶經典之時也希望給人全新的感官體驗。


Calvin Klein has always respected multiculturalism and neutral aesthetics. Its ck is the leader of neutral perfumes. In the new "Obsessed! Men and women pair fragrance", practice the brand's consistent subversion aesthetics and break the rules of traditional fragrance , "Obsessed hooked! Men's Eau de Toilette" added a black vanilla orchid ingredient that has been added almost exclusively to women's fragrances, making it apparently resonate with Obsession in 1986, followed by amber and woody notes Create a modern oriental tone that is similar but not the same.

 Bottle design

The bottle body imitates the Obsession series launched in 1985. The round bottle design was designed by Pierre Dinand, who was inspired by the Indian prayer stone, and won the award of the perfume FIFI award in 1987. The new bottle body The edges and corners are more rounded, and the color is crystal clear. The minimalist hopes to focus the soul of the perfume on the fragrance itself, so that consumers can follow the scent trail to find those people who have been deeply obsessed with in life. The minimalist design of the bottle and packaging also deeply reflects that Raf Simons hopes to lead everyone back to Calvin Klein's sensory aesthetics, simply feel the Calvin Klien fragrance, and also wants to give people a new sensory experience when recalling classics.


包裝規格: 30ml


原產地: 西班牙

前 味:東方葡萄柚、花椒、黑荳蔻
中 味:雪松葉、勞丹脂、皮革
後 味:濃鬱廣藿香、黑色香草、Ambrox Super


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