Bvlgari Jasmin Noir Edp 50ml 寶格麗奢華夜茉莉女士香水 50毫升

Bvlgari Jasmin Noir Edp  50ml 寶格麗奢華夜茉莉女士香水 50毫升

Bvlgari Jasmin Noir Edp 50ml 寶格麗奢華夜茉莉女士香水 50毫升

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Jasmin Noir夜茉莉女香是寶格麗經典花香系列的最新作品,將珍貴的茉莉花賦予全新的現代詮釋,其細膩而迷人的香調獨具魅力與創意。




潔白純真同時神秘媚惑。Jasmin Noir夜茉莉女香巧妙地結合這雙重特質,帶來令人無法忘懷的神奇香調。 正如茉莉花辦純淨的光澤與其強烈的花香形成對比,擦上Jasmin Noir夜茉莉女香的女性展現出內在細緻又性感的靈魂。




Carlos Bena07m 及 Sophie Labbé 兩位調香師利用這雙重性,創造出令人無法抗拒的大膽香水作品,呈現光影交錯、深淺相映、純真與性感相互纏繞的完美組合。


Jasmin Noir is the latest addition to Bulgari's classic floral collection, offering a new modern interpretation of the precious jasmine flower, with a delicate and captivating fragrance that is uniquely charming and creative.


Night jasmine, also known as black jasmine, is a mysterious flower that evokes reverie. The snow-white, delicate and petite night jasmine will reveal a warm and seductive fragrance in the evening, arousing ripples in the depths of people's senses.


Pure white and innocent at the same time mysterious and charming. Jasmin Noir Night Jasmine for women masterfully combines these two qualities, resulting in an unforgettable magical fragrance. Just as the pure sheen of jasmine contrasts with its intense floral fragrance, women who wear Jasmin Noir Lavender's fragrance reveal a delicate and sensual soul within.


This floral fragrance is her most treasured secret: a vibrant, fresh top note that slowly melts into a warm, enveloping scent that reveals a deep and seductive femininity.


Perfumers Carlos Bena07m and Sophie Labbé have exploited this duality to create irresistibly daring fragrances, a perfect combination of light and shadow, shades, innocence and sensuality.



推出年份: 2017

原產地: 意大利



每張訂單在使用推廣代碼前,購物金額滿港幣$500 或以上,即可享免費送貨服務 (只限單一送貨地點)。如購物金額未滿港幣 $500,附加每件 $40元運費, 部份離島及限制禁區需再安排報運費。

(產品在 3-5 個工作天內寄出)

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