Anna Sui Fantasia EDT 安娜蘇 築夢天馬獨角獸築女士淡香水 50ml

Anna Sui Fantasia EDT 安娜蘇 築夢天馬獨角獸築女士淡香水 50ml

Anna Sui Fantasia EDT 安娜蘇 築夢天馬獨角獸築女士淡香水 50ml

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即使長大了,兒時志願仍舊在我們心內的一隅從未離開。Anna Sui FantasiaEDT (築夢天馬獨角獸淡香水),為我們帶來另一個別樹一格的浪漫和光輝璀燦的故事。


Anna Sui全新香水希望喚醒女性自身擁有去做夢的權利。獨有的香氣似在對每位女性心內那位少女訴說:去追尋超越您所想的夢幻國度!Anna Sui的香水連周圍的空氣都暈染上色彩、魔法與幻想,令人陶醉於每一刻。


Fantasia (築夢天馬獨角獸淡香水)精雕細琢的玻璃香水瓶流露出女性高貴卻又帶點調皮的特質。作為美麗、純潔與優雅的象徵,瓶蓋上珍稀的黃金獨角獸,體現出Anna Sui魔幻世界的美學和神秘,有待我們開啟Anna Sui夢想國度的大門。

點綴著瓶身的花和葉代表了奇幻之森,金環上雕刻了Fantasia (築夢天馬獨角獸淡香水)的標誌為設計添上一分奢華感覺,而特別調配的珍貴香氣為這獨一無二、誘惑人心的結晶注入天上神韻,詩意盎然,



Even when we grow up, the moment of childhood volunteering in our hearts never leaves. Anna Sui FantasiaEDT brings us another unique story of romance and brilliance.


Anna Sui's new fragrance hopes to awaken women's right to dream. The unique aroma seems to tell the young girl in each woman's heart: Go for a dream country beyond your dreams! Anna Sui's fragrance smudges the surrounding air with color, magic, and fantasy, intoxicating every moment.

The design concept of the perfume bottle and bottle body originates from "real fantasy". Nothing in the world is more exciting than bringing us into a country full of fantasy, mystery and wonder. In that fascinating wonderland, the ideal is indescribably fascinating.

Fantasia's exquisitely crafted glass perfume bottle reveals the noble but slightly naughty qualities of women. As a symbol of beauty, purity and elegance, the rare gold unicorn on the bottle cap reflects the aesthetics and mystery of Anna Sui's magical world, waiting for us to open the door to Anna Sui's dream country.

The flowers and leaves dotted with the bottle represent the fantasy forest. The golden ring is engraved with the logo of Fantasia (Unique Dream Unicorn Eau de Toilette) to add a luxurious feel to the design, and the specially-arranged precious aroma is unique and seductive. The crystallization of the human heart is filled with heavenly charm, poetic,

On the perfume box, the unicorn is surrounded by a rainbow full of flowers and stars. The clear blue background is the city of dreams. The illusion of the sky and the soft touch of paper subtly create a delicate matte effect. Add a touch of elegance, fog and magic. The exquisite three-dimensional design and gold foil stamping feature bring the story to life.


包裝規格: 50ml


原產地: 美國

後調:黃金柏樹 、雪松


每張訂單在使用推廣代碼前,購物金額滿港幣$500 或以上,即可享免費送貨服務 (只限單一送貨地點)。如購物金額未滿港幣 $500,附加每件 $40元運費, 部份離島及限制禁區需再安排報運費。

(產品在 3-5 個工作天內寄出)

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