Ferragamo Incanto Sky EDT 菲拉格慕 晴空夢影女士淡香水 10ml

Ferragamo Incanto Sky EDT 菲拉格慕 晴空夢影女士淡香水 10ml

Ferragamo Incanto Sky EDT 菲拉格慕 晴空夢影女士淡香水 10ml

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Ferragamo Sky Dream Eau de Toilette is the latest fragrance from Ferragamo's Incanto collection. I have almost bought this series. Basically, they are sweet and sour floral and fruity notes, suitable for girls. This Ferragamo Sky Dream Eau de Toilette is particularly good-smelling, surpassing the previous Incanto fragrance, and it is well worth buying.

Its packaging is a cyan and yellow gradient, which looks extremely refreshing, both like the vast sky and the golden light of the sun. Its fragrance is very light, like the feeling of spring, when sprayed on it, it can feel that the steps can become light, as if walking through the clouds.

Its top notes are granita pears and green apples, subtle like first love, like flower buds without blooming, making people full of expectations. The middle notes are white lotus and narcissus jasmine, with light fragrance and pure texture. The tail is a combination of peach skin and musk. It is a simple combination without undulations. It is like a flat narrative, but it is beautiful. In vernacular, this bottle of perfume is not complicated, not cold, but simple and beautiful. The overall feeling of the perfume is refreshing and pleasant, without twists and turns, it is the most innocent and beautiful look of girls.

產品尺寸: 40mm x 35mm x 110mm

包裝規格: 10ml


原產地: 意大利

香調 清新花果香調

前味;格蘭尼塔梨 翠玉青蘋果




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