Hermes Terre D'Hermes EDP 愛瑪仕 大地男士香水

Hermes Terre D&
Hermes Terre D&

Hermes Terre D'Hermes EDP 愛瑪仕 大地男士香水

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The Terre D'Hermes, which means "all things are metabolized", when perfumer JEANCLAUDEELLENA felt the touch of the body being infiltrated by wine, and realized that after the grapes turned into wine, he let mankind share the touch of the earth and the years, he spent a year, in Walking and touching the vineyards, you can realize that the soil is the root of all things; when you walk through the wine cellar, you will feel the dust in the wine bottle is constantly differentiated with living elements, so when the bottle is opened, the fragrance of the wine is like perfume, like the emotion of living in the air. It was the creation of Terred'Hermes, which is the new concept of HERMES's new male fragrance.

Perfumer JEANCLAUDEELLENA originally wanted to create a perfume that is free of animals and musk, is compatible with the skin, and reflects the essence of human nature and personality. Like all classic bags created by Hermès, such as Kelly bags, JEAN pays great attention to details. They are known as craftsmen with "Hermes hands". They are recognized as creative but humanistic details. They also hope to use new methods to create things that people will not repeat memory. perfume.

The seven ingredients contained in Taylor Hermes' fragrance are all composed of plant and mineral essences. He uses 60% cedar as the main structure. He also hopes to have the fresh and bright vitality that the orange tone of the city surface cannot show. Innovative orange notes. The raw materials of the perfume are entirely natural materials, grapefruit, sweet pepper and pink pepper. He is deeply moved by the richness of the earth’s minerals, but suffers from the lack of minerals in the world, so he touches and beats the flint to remember the taste. Tune the formula in your mind like writing a music score to create a mineral flavor that is not available in the world.

This sentiment is even impressed by the bottle designer PHILLIPE. The bottle design is like a boutique. The orange H on the base is both the Hermes classic LOGO and the obvious calmness of the earth. The shoulder is wrapped in a metal coat, and the classic Hermes saddle studs stand on the perfume bottle, turning the rivet-shaped cap lightly to open the source of fragrance. .



包裝規格: 12.5ml


原產地: 法國



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