Anna Sui Secret Wish EDT 安娜蘇 許願精靈女士香水【綠色】

Anna Sui Secret Wish EDT 安娜蘇  許願精靈女士香水【綠色】
Anna Sui Secret Wish EDT 安娜蘇  許願精靈女士香水【綠色】

Anna Sui Secret Wish EDT 安娜蘇 許願精靈女士香水【綠色】

原價 $270.00 特價 $226.00 $44折扣

Secret Wish許願精靈香水的氛圍就像是小精靈居住的魔幻森林,讓小精靈們,輕盈地在花果香中飛舞,安靜地在葉片上休憩。讓許願精靈看過妳的願望,灌溉妳的秘密花園,讓天真奇幻的心境領著妳,追逐夢想的無限可能。









The atmosphere of Secret Wish's wishing elf perfume is like the magical forest where the elf lives, letting the elf lightly dance in the fragrance of flowers and fruits and rest on the leaves quietly. Let the wishing spirits see your wishes, irrigate your secret garden, and let the naive and fantasy state lead you, and the infinite possibilities of chasing your dreams.

Close your eyes and make a wish; open your eyes and let the fantasy gallop ... Dedicated to the little girl in each of us who believes in the power of magic; it is dedicated to those who are still confident in the world after worldly refinement Big girl.

Immediately after opening the crystal ball bottle cap, it is full of magical magical aromas of fascinating flowers and fruits: fresh lemons, summer ripe honeydew melon, and silky soft calendula exudes attractive apricot blossoms. Fragrant. The scent spreads like the elves flutter their wings quickly, flying here and there; surprisingly, the world is full of fragrance.

Then there was an intoxicating pineapple fragrance that seemed to be flirting with the fruity aroma of black currant.

Makes the aroma with a hint of mystery. The scent in the back section is warm white cedar and amber that induces desire,

Strengthen the qualities of enthusiasm and magical temptation; end with a caressing, white musk like falling stardust,

Leave memorable memories.

產品尺寸: 85mm x 55mm x 180mm

包裝規格: 50ml


原產地: 美國

【香  調】清新花果香調
【前  味】檸檬 金盞花 哈密瓜
【中  味】黑醋栗 鳳梨
【後  味】白雪松 琥珀 白麝香


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